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The Week That Was Blog: May 29-June 2

By Paul Roberts

June 2, 2023

While We Were Away

It’s been a few weeks since the last blog post. Holidays, time off and behind the scenes work have ruled the day but we are back with some recent news and June previews. Let’s get to it!

Session Ended But The Work is Not Over

Although the gavel fell on the legislative session at 6pm May 12, the work of advocacy never ends. Tracking elections, raising dollars, revising strategies, building alliances and more are all part of a year round effort to protect, grow and improve the dental profession. But let’s pause a moment to celebrate MDA’s success. The advocacy team along with your efforts passed legislation on network leasing and saw strong funding support for several dental related programs. Watch a good recap from our MDA team.

Don the White Coat

No, this does not refer to some person named Don. Rather it refers to the time honored dental tradition of donning a white coat as a symbol of joining the profession. Earlier this morning the UMKC SOD held their white coat ceremony at the beautiful Unity Temple in Kansas City. MDA President, Dr. Jeremy Bowen, was on hand as the MDA provides financial and professional support for this iconic moment in a student’s life. Dr. Bowen provided some photos of the action and I recognize Dean Dr. Jay Haas in one of the photos. Do you recall your white coat moment? It won’t be long before these grinning faces are your colleagues in the profession.

Granny Stacey

The heart warming news of the week comes from MDA Membership Manager, Stacey Hemmel, who became a grandmother last Sunday when her only daughter Cassie and her husband, Hunter, brought handsome little Rylan Cooper Denich into the world. Lord knows this baby has been much anticipated and our grinning granny Stacey has already paraded him proudly about the office. Congrats to all! Perhaps Rylan will be donning a white coat in the next 20+ years. New life pumps joy into all of us.

State Dental Director Outlines Priorities in Recent Interview

Missouri State Dental Director, Dr. Jackie Miller, in a recent KBIA interview (Columbia public radio station) talked about goals during her tenure including extending state Medicaid coverage of silver diamine fluoride to age 20, expanding the Preventive Services Program and raising awareness of HPV vaccination. Onward with the good work!

The Week(s) Ahead: All Systems Go for the Lake

While June still has plenty of Zoom calls and marketing meetings and EFDA courses and more on the schedule, the exciting countdown is for MDA’s annual Connect4Success Conference and House of Delegates which both occur at Margaritaville Resort at the Lake of the Ozarks. It’s the epicenter for membership and it’s all under the sun and on the water. Plus 3 weeks from tonight we crown the latest Grand Champion and $1,500 cash winner of the Connect4Cash Raffle benefitting the Foundation. Will it be you? Not a chance unless you buy a ticket so don’t delay. Join us for all of it. You won’t regret it.

Quote of the Week

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.”