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The Week That Was: April 29 - May 3

By Paul Roberts

May 3, 2024

National Signing Day Rinse and Repeat

If you read last week’s blog, you learned about Team Travel’s cadence of events surrounding National Signing Day at UMKC SOD. This week we repeated the cadence on the other side of the state at MOSDOH. This cadence included a flurry of activity as we helped D4s Level Up their membership using their phones, a Food for Thought program with Dr. Kevin Kaiser who did a bang-up job, a Med Pro social with lively Hi Low card antics on a beautiful night, a Med Pro lunch and learn and finally a Vendor Fair. It’s such a joyful time to realize the impressive achievement of finishing dental school mixed with the hopes (and a few fears?) of launching a career. Be on the watch to welcome these new members into the fold. Thanks to Team Travel and kudos to all the prize winners. Enjoy the photos.

Shhh…Training in Progress

While I know other important stuff was going on while we were on the road, the one consistent thing you’ll see at the MDA over the next month is staff with their doors closed focusing on training sessions as they learn the new association management system. In fact, I have a session right now. I guess it’s good that we all learn together but this old dog wonders if he can learn these new tricks, lol.

The Week Ahead

We mainly have administrative duties while we give the van a break from travel. More training. More advocacy as we come down the stretch. Might not be a blog because none of that sounds too photo worthy! But not all work is glamourous as you well know. Meanwhile enjoy the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

Quote of the Week

“Do or not do. There is no try.” – training motivation from Yoda