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The Week That Was Blog: July 17-21

By Paul Roberts

July 21, 2023

Big Doings in Chicago

Earlier this week, Vicki WilbersStacey Hemmel and I attended a highly-anticipated ADA Management Conference in Chicago. MDA President Elect, Dr. Jon Copeland, joined us as well. And Dr. Bob Butler and  Greater St. Louis Dental Society ED, Meg Stagina were also with us. The theme was Reimagining Our Tomorrow. We were all eager to hear updates and interact with colleagues about their experiences and ideas. There’s been a lot of disruption and change in the profession recently and it’s reflected in the association world. How do we adapt to new challenges? How do we embrace new opportunities? How do we integrate new technologies? How do we manage generational leadership transitions?

Well, we didn’t get all the answers, but we did get plenty of news and stimulation over a very intense two days. We heard from futurist, Daniel Burrus, on how to be an anticipatory organization. (Get ready for more AI!) We heard from ADA ED, Dr. Ray Cohlmia, who addressed several deliverables on the horizon that address emphases on customer focus, sustainability, global presence, innovation and nimbleness. We discussed how to enhance membership engagement. We learned about a new CRM system being rolled out next July. MDA’s own, Stacey Hemmel, has played a big part in the evaluation and testing of this new product. Overall, it was a lot to digest. There was some hope and inspiration mingled with a little trepidation. The goals are ambitious but the talent and tools are there to achieve them.

There was also a little fun on the agenda as a large conference crowd went to the Cubs game on a beautiful night. It helped to unwind, visit causally with others and take in all the ballpark traditions like the national anthem (fantastic saxophone rendition), singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and paying ridiculous prices for food and beverage. And since we are Missourians and largely Cardinal fans, it also helped that the Cubs lost. ?

The Week Ahead

On Monday we have a staff meeting to plot our course forward and to welcome, Cindy DuCoulombier, MDA’s new Finance Manager. There’s also a Re-Envision Committee call and a Missouri Dental Board meeting among other items.

Quote of the Week

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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