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The Week That Was Blog: August 7-11

By Paul Roberts

August 11, 2023

Money Talks – Pump up the Jam!

This week’s blog is a brief meditation on money—specifically MODentPAC donations.

Did you know every elected official in Jefferson City is bilingual? They speak both English and Moolah.

It may sound dirty or feel awkward, but money makes the wheels go around at the Capitol. It takes money to get elected and re-elected and elected again. Elected officials serve on key committees that influence dental-related issues. Elected officials who do well move into more influential positions which often means more election races which means they need to raise more money!

You certainly remember when someone gives to you in a way that advances your goals and dreams. In the same way, elected officials remember when MODentPAC supports their campaign.

Your donations are not buying votes. They are supporting people on both sides of the aisle who hold influence over what your profession looks like. Money speaks first—and your donations are critical—but the next step is educating them on the issues. This is why understanding MDA’s legislative agenda and participating in Dental Day at the Capitol (March 6, 2024) are so important. It rounds out the conversation that money started.

Recently your MODentPAC doled out $31,500 in total to more than 60 elected officials. This left the PAC balance around $112,000. It’s time to restock the war chest as important dental legislative agenda and a full election year are just around the corner.

I was surprised to learn only 12% of MDA members support their PAC when 100% benefit from the nuanced and ongoing work of the MDA advocacy team. It’s time to up the percentage. Check out new giving levels and make a frontline donation to help MDA continue to protect and advance your profession at the Capitol. Don’t like politics? Me neither, but these donations aren’t supporting or promoting issues not related to dental. So, hold your nose if you must but choose to engage for your own good and the good of the profession and the patients you serve.

The Week Ahead

  • High alert baby watch for MDA’s Professional Affairs Director, Halie Payne. She is due any day now and all of us are excited to welcome a new baby into the mix.
  • Gas up the buggy! Jerri Wildhaber and I hit the road again for D1 outreach efforts at both KCU CDM and UMKC SOD. Watch for fun photos next week.
  • New Member Benefit! Next Wednesday the New Dentist Committee will officially roll out the Missouri New Dentist Network, a new resource and connection point that our students and recent grads have been asking for years now.

Quote of the Week

“When money talks, nobody checks the grammar.” — Anonymous

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