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The Week That Was: May 20-24

By Paul Roberts

May 24, 2024

Celebrating the 50 / 75 Milestones in St. Peters

On Wednesday morning this week, Vicki Wilbers and Melissa Albertson represented the MDA at a surprise celebration in honor of Dr. Mark Zust. It was held at his practice in St. Peters and hosted by his daughter and practice partner, Dr. Danielle Riordan. The celebration had a double purpose as it was both Dr. Zust’s 50th year in dentistry and his 75th birthday. Many patients, friends, and family could stop by to salute Dr. Zust while having some goodies from the Travelin Tom coffee truck. Dr. Zust has had a full career in organized dentistry. Among his many roles and honors are MDIS President (and co-founder), MDA President, ADA 2nd Vice President, and MDA Distinguished Service Award winner. I refer to him as El Presidente because he was the MDA President when I started in 2011 and he was very kind as I learned my way around the association.  You can tell by the smiles that he is beloved by many. Kudos for this happy occasion!

A Warm Welcome and A Solid Baton Pass From Dental Student to Full Membership

If you’ve read recent blog entries, you’ve seen the effort and focus we’ve had on Leveling Up our dental school graduates from student membership to full membership. This gives them an advantage for connecting with organized dentistry regardless of what state they end up in. To help incentivize this effort, the ADA will donate $1000 to the local ASDA chapter at each school that achieves a 95% conversion rate. Only 7 schools met that mark and two of them were your own Missouri schools – UMKC SOD and MOSDOH. Nice job to all that worked so hard to make that happen. Now, let’s welcome with open arms all those who stay in MO or migrate to MO from another state.  In fact, check out this new video with a variety of MDA members welcoming the Class of 2024. It’s heartwarming. Together we thrive!

Missouri’s Best Celebrity Smile Revealed

In the past few weeks, many of you may have voted in our online Missouri Best Smile Bracket Challenge. This contest was designed for some fun competition on the New Dentist Network. Members could pick their winner from the 16 celebrity smiles and then wait as you, the voting public, whittled it down to one champion. The seeding must have been strong as there was only one mild upset. In the end, 9 players correctly chose #1 seed, Sterling K. Brown, as the winner. He defeated #3 seed, Brad Pitt, in the final. We drew two names from among the 9 winning contestants to receive the grand prize of $125 gift cards. Congrats to Dr. Ashley Meyer, a New Dentist and our Greater Springfield Dental Society trustee, and Nik Wickerhauser, a UMKC dental student in the class of 2025. Hopefully everyone had fun playing along and voting. Watch for more good times in the Fall.

Memorial Day Salute

Our large MDA family is filled with members, team members, and family members who have served this country well. Some with the ultimate sacrifice. We remember and salute everyone of you. Thank you!

The Week and Month Ahead

Yours truly is off for a vacation to TN and NC to see family and hike. Some other staff are on vacation as well or they are knee deep in training on the new Association Management System. So, no blog next week and when we do return, it will be June and the preparation to C4S will be in full tilt. Get excited for the summer!

Quote of the Week

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died to protect it.” – Anonymous

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