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The Week That Was Blog: January 2-6

By Paul Roberts

January 6, 2023

Happy New Year Hello dental peeps, and welcome to 2023. How were your holidays? I love hearing stories about family encounters (good or bad!), travel mishaps, great gifts, overeating and general refreshment or fatigue. However it went for you, it’s now back to the op and your patients. Here’s wishing you personal and professional enjoyment as you pursue your goals for 2023. We have quite a few goals in the MDA too, and we’re excited to chase them down and enhance the dental profession for all. Make sure you stay connected with MDA communication platforms like this blog to have the news you need and to know how to jump in along the way. 2023 Legislative Session Gavels In Boom went the gavel this past Wednesday as our elected officials (many are first timers) settled into their offices and began what will be a wild and unique journey called Legislative Session 2023. It’s still a pomp and circumstance feel of congeniality and positioning right now but it won’t take long to get moving. Close to 1,000 bills have been pre-filed and it will critical to see who gets appointed as chairs of key committees. The MDA advocacy team will have your back at every turn. But your participation is vital as well. You can join us for the Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, February 1 and attend the Dental Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 1. You can register for one or both now! One More This week many of us have begun new fitness and diet plans as we try to improve our health and wellness. I salute that. I also know personally how your trainer or online workout leader can push you for “one more rep”. Maybe that could be a shared mantra among MDA members this year. One more rep. One more effort to assist the legislative agenda. One more needy patient seen for free or discount care. One more new meeting or event to try out. One more call to a colleague. Whatever it is, what’s one more rep that you can give to make the MDA better for all. Like our trainers tell us, feel the burn. That extra push often leads to your best success. The Week Ahead The staff team has a full plate of projects to discuss at our meeting next Monday. Vicki is off to Chicago midweek for a special ADA meeting of executive directors. I’ll be out and about some working on a new video project and there’s a lot happening on the EFDA front as we seek to grow this member benefit. Everyone is getting there reps in! Quote of the Week “There’s always one more thing you can do to increase your odds at success.” – Hal Moore