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The Week That Was Blog: January 16-20

By Paul Roberts

January 20, 2023

We Are Not Done Yet! These are the words of Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, as he delivered his State of the State address this past Wednesday. There are many summaries of the speech across the media and here’s one if you are interested . The reason I bring it up is because the speech signals the priorities that will play out during the legislative session. Frankly, I don’t think the MDA is anywhere near done yet either. There are lots of changes and challenges on the horizon as we assess the state of our association. I invite you to speak your peace and join us as we endeavor to keep dentistry a great profession. RSVP For Action Closely related to the first item is your chance to be involved in the legislative session by advocating for the profession. We’ve sent emails asking you to RSVP for both the Virtual Town Hall on February 1 and Dental Day at the Capitol on March 1. These events will inform you about the MDA’s agenda and allow you a vital role in our success. Check them out!
Growing the Team Congrats are due to MDA’s Director of Professional Affairs, Halie Payne, on her pregnancy news which she recently shared with the team. Halie and her husband, Kaleb, are excited about Baby Payne’s summer arrival. We had been talking about staff capacity issues recently and I guess Halie, still eager in her first 6 months of employment, took seriously the challenge to grow the team! There were no shortage of squeals in the room as Halie has six built-in, trained and eager godmothers at the office. New life brings joy to all. And how stupid cute is this photo? Congrats, Halie!
The Week Ahead This short week wraps this morning with board members Drs. Jeremy BowenRon WilkersonMack Taylor and Wendy Weimer joining select MDA staff at the Missouri Dental Board meeting. Always vigilant, these leaders keep a pulse on the latest activities from your professional regulatory body. Next week builds toward the MDA Board meeting on Friday with some interesting activities including a non-renew calling party to encourage our wonderful, but tardy members, to renew their 2023 membership. And on the social side, several BOT members are participating in the Greater St Louis Dental Society officer installation next Saturday. This festive event never disappoints!