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The Week That Was Blog: February 6-10

By Paul Roberts

February 10, 2023

A Gala To Remember As promised, I want to provide a report from the Give Kids a Smile 20th Anniversary Gala last weekend in St. Louis. It’s actually closer to 22 or years since Dr. Ray Storm and Dr. Jeff Dalin and a handful of other resourceful dentists began an outreach to children in their community. Watching the retrospective video that told of the GKAS program growth, both locally and now nationally, gave everyone a sense of pride and brought up some fond memories. There was definitely an air of celebration at the event from festive Roaring ’20s costumes and photo opps to smiling faces and rich conversation around the tables to the smooth music of The Charles Glen Group. On the program side, local radio legend, Guy Phillips, emceed the event. We heard from co-founder Dr. Jeff Dalin. Current board president, Dr. Tom Flavin, also spoke a bit, and there was a moving testimony from a now young woman with a beautiful smile who had been a patient years ago at a GKAS clinic and was identified as someone with big need for more extensive work. Dr. Shapiro kindly engineered and conducted the treatment plan pro bono. The young lady’s confidence and gratitude were palpable. I think that sums up the magic of this profession. There was some spirited fundraising action going on in their effort to raise $100,000. I was proud to represent both MDA and the MDA Foundation who were both Pearl Tier sponsors of the evening. At last check they were close to $74,000 raised. I tried to make the rounds and speak with several wonderful MDA members who have championed GKAS since the beginning. In fact, I sat next to Dr Mark Zust and his wife, Phyllis, who’s sister Joan Allen served as GKAS Executive Director for several years during their growth spurt. Her early passing is still sad, but her legacy contribution was honored appropriately. I did squeeze in a few photos with GKAS board members, Dr. Craig Hollander and Dr. Danielle Riordan. Dr. Hollander pioneered the Tiny Smiles program of GKAS. If all of this was not enough for you, I heard I missed a lot from the clinic day last Friday when both ADA President, Dr. George Shepley, and 6th District Trustee, Dr. Mike Medovic, were in town to toast the success. So as you can see, it was quite a weekend. Behind the scenes kudos to Mary Gans and Joanie Grill who bore the brunt of organizing this fabulous celebration.
MDA Announces Photo Contest Winners You sneaky dentists out there have a variety of side gigs and a popular one is photography. For several years, the MDA has held a photo contest. This year 19 different members  submitted 78 images representing six categories. I’m happy to acknowledge the winners in each category, but as a judge I can tell you every submission was impressive in its own right. I encourage you to be enriched and check it all out here. Congrats to Dr. Nathan Woodward, first place animal category; Dr. Keith Anderson, first place color category; Dr. John Killip, first place flora category and travel and places category; Dr. Terrence Bond; first place manmade/mechanization category and Dr. Dean Telthorst, first place outdoors category. The Week Ahead Staff meeting on Monday, Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and auditors pay their annual visit. Plus a lot more of the usual. I bet you have some restorations and hygiene checks planned as well. Carry on! Quote of the Week “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel  Adams