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The Week That Was Blog: October 30-November 3

By Paul Roberts

November 3, 2023

November Calendar Flip

Well, Halloween is behind us and November is upon us, as we all make the furious, chaotic race to the holidays and the end of the year and all that that brings. Good luck! Meanwhile … I can report on some successful member events.

Food for Thought in Kirksville

Jerri Wildhaber and I took the traveling dental student outreach welcome wagon up north for a visit with the MOSDOH D1s and D2s. About 65+ showed up for Jimmy John’s sandwiches and a lively presentation from Dr. Chris Kollath from Mexico, Mo. A Creighton grad, Dr. Kollath shared his journey that went straight from school to practice ownership. His authentic sharing of the steps he took and both his success and struggles along the way rang true with the audience. He also brought along his wife, Sarah, and shared his love for driving fast on a track in his customized 2014 Mazda Miata. What a great spectrum of members we have in the MDA, and what a treat to share that with our students!

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

Later that same day we joined another lively group of UMKC D4s and new dentists from the Greater Kansas City and Northwest Dental societies for a round-table discussion on topics like managing student debt, finding employment, understanding contracts, and balancing work/life issues. It was funded in part by an ADA grant as well as sponsored by MDIS. The venue was the Main Event where we had a private room, good food and drink and then opportunity to bowl and play afterward. Sam Silvey, GKCDS ED, and her leadership team pulled off a solid outreach that allowed for both professional connection, relational time and some well needed fun. I may miss a name inadvertently, but shout out to all those dentists and students in attendance (plus a few +1): Garret Cochran, Ryan Bland, Jared Gerhardt, Katie Oatman, Erica Ketchum, Ashley Deacy, Zack Brown, Ricard Campos, Meredith Clark, Zane Keller, Mark Jeffrey, Rachael Parker, Wendy Weimer, Dev Patel, Collin Brant, Olivia Horton, AnneMarie LaBarca, Alaa Shahare, Jacob Trammell, Jay Trivedi and Kaitlin Olson.

Hybrid Happenings

Your MDA Board of Trustees met this morning in a hybrid event. About half made the trek to Jefferson City while the other half chose to partake via Zoom because the agenda was shorter than normal, which in part, is because we moved the House of Delegates to June. It’s the first time this weekend has been free in some time. Still, there were items to approve and exciting updates to share about the EFDA and OPA pilot project efforts. Plus a preview of 2024 as we gear up for sending dues statements and launching legislative plans and continuing to make changes that enhance the member value experience. I, for one, believe 2024 is going to be very memorable … so join us and buckle up!

Our Ageless Leader

Happy Birthday to MDA Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers! While she won’t share her true age, she is honest about her fondness for the bean and the grape. The staff team made sure to give her coffee beans to feed that love. I’m sure a little vino may be in the picture as well for the weekend ahead. May it be a great celebration! Staff and MDA leaders know what a treasure we have in Vicki. Her leadership is integral to the MDA’s success. Cheers!

The Week Ahead

We have some exciting Zooms about governance alternatives and component activities. Plus the FFT Road Show is back at UMKC. And we have the first ever OPA EFDA “train the trainers” event here at the MDA as we ready for the launch of the new pilot and EFDA training center in January.

Quote of the Week

“Experience is the best teacher but the tuition is expensive.” — Unknown, but attributed a former roommate