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The Week That Was Blog: November 6-10

By Paul Roberts

November 10, 2023

The Road Less Traveled

No, I’m not going to make some motivational connection to the beloved Robert Frost poem. I merely want to point out that we traveled just once this week. Jerri and I were back at UMKC SOD for another Food for Thought event. We had some unexpected drama when the Jimmy John’s delivery arrived 30 minutes early before we could get there. Thankfully, the super sharp ASDA and class leaders were quick to respond to our SOS texts and took effort to protect the food. As a reward they were treated to a presentation from Dr. Zach Brown, DDS, MD who gave a very inside dentistry look at his path through a six year OS residency program and into private practice. While I found his tips and portrayal very helpful, I was especially impressed with the case study photos of facial reconstruction. It’s amazing what well trained people can do to help others. I also loved it when he said even as a specialist he supports the MDA because no one fights harder for you to prevent bad legislation from even getting a hearing. I sure hope the students were listening. Thanks to MDIS for sponsoring these great events.

Teach a Person to Fish and …

I’m sure you are familiar with the benefit of multiplication. When you train someone well, your influence spreads and everyone wins. You should also know that the MDA has been the lead sled dog for decades when comes to training EFDA’s. From curriculum development to hands-on teaching and evaluation, we get the job done. Now with the eight-operatory Training Center nearing completion in the MDA office basement, today was the day to multiply the knowledge and train some more eager and smart dentists and team members in relation to the Oral Preventive Assistant pilot project. Today was the “train the trainer” segment for the project at the MDA office. Drs. Jackie Miller, State Dental Director; Drue Barton, lead on OPA curriculum development; and, Guy Deyton, MDA Past President and former State Dental Director presented about the project and the responsibilities of the clinical sites within the pilot. We look forward to sharing more about the project as it continues.

The Week Ahead 

For me and Jerri, we have a final road trip to Joplin for one more Food for Thought. For Vicki, she has a trip to Chicago to explore possible new membership models from the ADA. There’s also the annual board meeting of the Dental Well Being Foundation. Plus all the little extras that keep us on our toes.

Quote of the Week

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin, OG EFDA Trainer