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The Week That Was Blog: December 18-22

By Paul Roberts

December 22, 2023

Missouri is For Winners

While the people in the Virginia tourism office would like you to believe that Virginia is for lovers, I’d like you to know for certain that Missouri is for winners! And here’s the latest proof. I’m so delighted to see that two Missouri dental practices won national ADA Design Innovation Awards. Congratulations to all those involved at NKC Dental in North Kansas City (Dr. Bill Busch), which won the Remodel Category and to Bennett Family Dentistry in Cape Girardeau  (Dr. Ross Bennett) who won the New Build Category. Besides the incredible pride over such recognition, each practice also won a $1,000 prize. You can read all about it here. Dr. Bennett also shared more details on his Facebook page. I’m so proud of our innovative MDA members. And, ironically, my upcoming Focus article centers around design as well. Check it out when it arrives in your mailbox at the end of this month!

Winter Wonderland — Staff Style

Indulge us all as part of the holiday spirit when you read this entry. Yesterday was our traditional MDA-MDIS staff holiday party. Stacey Hemmel and Jerri Wildhaber always knock it out of the park and this year was no exception. The dress code costume theme was all white clothing. While I tried in earnest to win as Mr. Clean, the top prizes went to Vicki Wilbers as “White Claw” and Stacey Hemmel as “Angel”. Kudos! Then we played silly Minute It to Win It games like non-dominant hand mini marshmallow pickup with chopsticks and blindfolded cotton ball scooping. After a good meal, more laughter and competition ensued as we did our gift distribution. You could sense heartbreak and joy in our dice game. Prizes ranged from a vacuum to chocolate to electronics and bird feeders. You could tell what people liked by how they stole from each other during multiple rounds. In the end, we all came out winners. Thanks, fellow colleagues, for another awesome staff time.

Holiday Wishes

However you celebrate this season, all of us at the MDA and MDIS wish you safety, refreshment and joy with family and friends. Thanks for being a member. Family affairs can be colorful at times but families stick together and benefit because of it. Thanks also for reading this blog. It’s far from hard-hitting journalism, but then again the intention is to feature the different facets of the association to help you gain a better picture of what we do and perhaps even see a picture of you!

The Week Ahead

It’s a rare chance to be quiet and peaceful next week, so there will be no blog but 2024 will be upon us with a fury before you know it, and we will crank up the MDA machine with some announcements and some opportunities for you. Here’s to the best year yet! Forward is the only way to go.

Thought of the Week

When angels, shepherds and wise men are all part of your birth announcement, you must be something special to consider.

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