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The Week That Was Blog: August 21-25

By Paul Roberts

August 25, 2023

KCU White Coat Ceremony Report

Earlier this summer the UMKC SOD and MOSDOH both held white coat ceremonies for their dental students. Last Saturday it was KCU CDM’s turn. While I was unable to attend, the MDA was represented by Southwest Dental Society President, Dr. Alex Talbott. I don’t have many photos but the local news crews did two nice stories about the event and you can see Dr. Talbott on the far left of the stage. The sound bites from students and Dean Dr. Linda Niessen are also encouraging. Check them out here and here.

Your MDA Board is in the Building

Sometimes it’s confusing when trying to understand how things get done around here. In very big-picture terms, the House of Delegates gives broad direction based on member input. From there the Board of Trustees, which is made up of representatives from every component, meets quarterly using a strategic plan to guide priorities while they monitor financial concerns and evaluate programs and tools that best address the needs of members. The everyday execution of much this falls to the staff who do research, run programs, travel as needed, monitor legislation, coordinate with the ADA and much, much more. So at a Board meeting like today’s, the agenda is wide-ranging and allows for updates and discussions on recent and upcoming activities. There is minutia involved, but that’s to be expected. What’s important is that this body is working hard on your behalf. As a member you can always attend any Board meeting or read the minutes at Until you see it, it can be hard to appreciate. My encouragement is take a little interest and ask your local trustee what’s going on. Your profession, and your satisfaction in it, are at stake.

Kudos to the trustees and MDA President, Dr. Jeremy Bowen, for their work today which included a farewell to lobbyist Olivia Wilson who has served us well for more than two years. Also in the mix was a tour of the downstairs renovation effort which will become an eight-chair EFDA Training Center. The Board loved seeing this progress.

The Week Ahead

I’ll be on vacation in higher elevations, woohoo! So there won’t be a blog next week. There will be some action, however, when the contractor takes a jackhammer to the basement as construction continues on the new EFDA Training Center. And I’m sad to miss a Greater Springfield Dental Society event next Thursday for new-er dentists. Is that like saying slightly used equipment, lol? We love all our members at every stage of their careers.

Quote of the Week

“The mountains are calling and I must go!” – John Muir